About Us

Aquarius Beauty is an online store I started in late 2017, originally on another platform. That went well, but now Aquarius Beauty has it's own independent website!
Currently, all products are made and formulated by myself, the founder and CEO. Aquarius Beauty is 100% vegan and cruelty free, no products or sourced ingredients are tested on or made from animals. We offer high-end quality without the high end price or unnecessary additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Not to mention our glosses feel as amazing as they look!
Aquarius Beauty is definitely still in the "beginning" stage, and I deeply appreciate everyone who has shown any kind of support along the way. I am working on expanding to a wider variety of products because I want everyone to be able to enjoy my shop in a way that appeals to them. I am always working towards making my products and packaging the absolute best for the environment, and that is the ultimate goal.
Thank you.